Analistica Academy Walkthrough (Epic Works)

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This is a walkthrough for the adult uncensored version of the Analistica Academy visual novel by Epic Works, available for download over at Nutaku or Mangagamer. Since Analistica Academy has a linear story and a single ending, this is not a very difficult game to play. Yet the choices do affect the scenes you get to see in your playthrough.

By following this guide you’ll be able to unlock all uncensored CGs and see all scenes with heroines Tony, Moira, Clarisse, and Mrs. Machia.

For this walkthrough you won’t need to use any additional save slots.


  • Since Analistica Academy does not have a gallery feature available after finishing the game, I recommend saving at the start of each H-scene if you ever want easy access to them again.

End (with all CGs)

  • Let her muster up her own courage
  • Let Moira in
  • It’s embarrassing to repeat what I said.