Aokana EXTRA1 Walkthrough (sprite / NekoNyan)

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This walkthrough is for the Aokana visual novel fandisc “Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm – EXTRA1” by sprite, available for English download at Mangagamer,  Nutaku, JASTUSASteam, and last but not least, on the official website. This game is also known as Aokana Extra1.

A free 18+ upgrade DLC is also available for download here but take note that this patch is just for the Steam version of the game. The 18+ version of the game contains censored images.

Aokana EXTRA 1 is all about one special girl, Mashiro, one of the two highest favored in the Aokana popularity poll.

This guide will help you unlock all (censored) CGs for Aokana EXTRA 1. 

You’ll won’t need any slots for this walkthrough as either choice doesn’t change the outcome of the story.

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Misaki Tobisawa End

  • Bath (Dinner)