Chrono Clock Walkthrough (Sekai Project / Denpasoft)

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This is a walkthrough for the official translation of the Chrono Clock visual novel by Sekai Project (All-ages) and also available at Nutaku or Denpasoft in an unrated version. The original developer of the game is Japanese company Purple Software. This English guide is simply a translation of the original Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-saiga but all the choice texts are adjusted to match the English translation instead.

Chrono Clock has 6 endings/routes, for 6 different heroines (Makoto, Dorothy, Michiru, Misaki, Kuro, Miu). You’ll need just 3 save slots and you will also unlock all CGs in the process. The guide was tested with the adult version of the game, but it should also work for the Steam version.


  • Would not turn back time
  • Save Slot 1
  • Go with D.D. and Makoto
  • Save Slot 2
  • I’d like to be alone with Makoto
  • (Unrated) Unlocks Makoto H scenes


  • Load Slot 2
  • I’d rather be alone with D.D.
  • (Unrated) Unlocks D.D. H scenes


  • Load Slot 1
  • Go with Michiru and Misaki
  • Save Slot 3
  • I don’t see Misaki as a romantic interest
  • (Unrated) Unlocks Michiru H scenes


  • Load Slot 3
  • I like Misaki
  • (Unrated) Unlocks Misaki H scenes

Unlocked after finishing the 4 routes above

  • Choose “REPEAT” from the title screen
  • (Unrated) Unlocks Kuro H scenes

Unlocked after finishing the Kuro’s route

  • Play from the start
  • Would turn back time
  • (Unrated) Unlocks Miu H scenes