Eiyuu Senki General Walkthrough (JAST USA)

9-nine episode 1

This is a general walkthrough for JAST USA’s Eiyuu Senki strategy/visual novel game. It can help you make the right calls in the game and go for the high difficulty bonuses as you play. It’ll also tell you what the various character missions will unlock.

The game provides a lot of freedom in the order of play. You don’t have to necessarily hold to this guide if you’re aiming for the high difficulty bonuses. Play however you like and enjoy the game.

DRAFT: This guide is still very much a work in progress. It’ll take quite a bit longer to complete. It’s only published in it’s current state for those of you that want to get started. I don’t expect many changes in the current order.
Last update: 14 November

General tips

  • Heroes can only do 1 mission or battle per turn
  • Troops also regenerate automatically each turn. You can also use healing skills during a battle. But to speed it up make sure to pass recovery items along.
  • Save often, so that you can revert back in case an enemy attacks when you don’t have enough troops. Or to press the attack instead if they don’t attack.

Early game (Zipang)

The only thing you can do at first is complete all the missions until you can declare war on Kyoto in turn 4. Don’t invest money or items in Takeru, as she’ll leave before attacking Edo.

  • Kyoto
    • You can easily defeat it without powering up any character. But I recommend powering up the protagonist a bit.
    • The magic units can be taken out with 1 hit by the Protagonist or Takeru

After taking Kyoto you should be able to attack Edo starting turn 7

  • Edo
    • You can take on the Gun Corps mission with Benkei alone
    • Place Himiko in the back corner and take out Nobunaga first with your protagonist
  • Return to Yamatai
    • Power up your troops as much as possible
    • The first battle of the event you can’t win

East Asia – Bandits

After uniting Zipang make sure to complete Benkei’s mission first. Give the recovery pearl to whoever needs it. Save the mission to dispatch the continental survey group for last. As it’ll trigger the next battle at the end of the turn.

  • Complete the continental survey mission with just Benkai and the protagonist to keep enough troops.

After the battle you can either postpone the story for 1 turn by “Calling Forth the Wind”. Or you can just recruit the 2 heroes with the 2 invitation missions. Keep Yoshitsune available though because you’ll need her for the battle to come.

  • Second invasion
    • Fend off two waves of attacks to progress the story

After receiving the knight of the round table unit you can progress to take down the bandit camp.

  • Defeating the bandits
    • Should be an easy enough battle

After the end of the turn you can now challenge the Taika Empire, Mongolia or India.
This guide will deal with the most difficult route, which means India is first. You are free to mix up the order and go the easier route first. However, you won’t get the high difficulty bonuses (items mainly)

East Asia – India

After the end of the turn you can now challenge the Taika Empire, Mongolia or India.

  • Calcutta
    • Don’t attack in the same turn as the declaration of war
    • Power up the newly obtained Sanzou Houshi for this battle
    • Be sure to place Sanzou Houshi on the first row and fill up the rest with warriors. Inou and Nobunaga could be a strong backrow choice.

Benkei’s job mission will teach her the Heavy Smash skill. India will also attack occasionally, so be sure to save and keep some troops handy.

  • Mumbai & Delhi
    • Only have 2 Bludgeon units and 1 projectile unit. Take Mumbai first
  • Ceylon
    • Take this after Mumbai. Has more defenders but gives a Topaz (-100 dmg taken) in reward to taking it.
  • Gandhara
    • Definitely more powerful than the others.
    • Give the topaz to Sanzou Houshi if you’re using her.
    • Power up your front liners and take out the enemy front-line first. The back-row deals a lot less damage
    • You can make use of Benkei’s Heavy Smash to take out units on the back row

Nobunaga is a good unit for the Vimana.

East Asia – Mongolia

Mongolia will attack with a full force of bowman right after the declaration of war. Keep strong front-liners at hand. Give your topaz to one of them as well. Make sure to keep putting the topaz unit in front to soak up damage.

  • Xanadu
    • 3 bow units and 2 sword units.
    • Power up frontliners and take out the bow units.
    • You can use Sanzou Houshi for the sword units.
  • Remnants of the Taira (Mission)
    • 2 sword units and 2 magic units
    • Rewards a Sapphire (Speed +1)
    • Keep units standby for a Mongolian attack at the end of the turn.
  • Ulan Bator
    • 3 bow units and 2 sword units.

If you complete the various spy missions a direct route to the capital will be available. Don’t take this route if you want a bonus award. You can even safely ignore the spy missions.

  • Karakorum
    • 3 melee units, 1 sword unit, 1 bow unit
    • Use your sword units for this one, and place units weak to melee on the second or third row.
    • You should be able to take this in the same turn as Ulan Bator if the enemy has no attack incoming
  • Olmaliq
    • 3 melee units, 3 bow units
  • Kashgar
    • First city with a wall (attack twice)
    • First time, 1 melee unit, 2 sword units
    • Second time, 1 melee unit, 2 sword units, 2 bow units

A hotspring mission to unlock Yoshitsune’s “Buster” move will now be available.

  • Samarkand
    • 2 walls; First time 2 melee units, 1 sword unit.
    • Second time 2 melee units, 1 sword unit, 1 bow unit.
    • Third time 1 melee unit, 2 sword units, 3 bow units.
    • Amethyst as a reward
  • Urgench
    • 2 melee units, 4 bow units
    • Use sword units to take out the bow units. Kublai Khan herself is easy to take down.
    • You should have your front-line units up to around 1300 – 1500 troops each by now

After conquering Mongolia you’ll get the Horse Gem as a reward.

East Asia – Taika Empire

Benkei is a good front-line tank throughout the Taika Empire campaign. The Horse Gem is a good fit for her because of this. You could also opt for a sword unit + topaz as a soaker (I choose this).

Other units strong for this campaign would be Sanzou Houshi, Marco Polo, and your sword units. However, be careful for some of their frailness as well. In any case, be sure to declare war on them right away. You can complete the Mongolian side missions as you progress. They give plenty of funds and a Amethyst at the end.

  • Shanghai
    • 3 sword units, 2 spear units
    • After taking Shanghai an event will trigger in which the enemy will attack back. No matter the outcome, they’ll take back the city.
    • After that you’ll first have to complete the intelligence mission.

Nobunaga’s mission’s will first give you another Amethyst (+10% crit chance) and the second one unlocks her “Snipe” skill.

  • Shanghai (again)
    • 3 spear units (Bring Marco Polo and Sanzou Houshi)

Capturing Lhasa before the capital (Chang’an) will give you an Emerald.
Capturing Loulan before the capital (Chang’an) will give you a Pearl.

  • Beijing
    • 5 spear units, 1 sword unit
  • Dunhuang
    • 1 spear unit, 2 sword units, 1 magic unit
  • Loulan
    • 2 sword units, 3 magic units

Completing Lancelot’s first mission will unlock her Sonic Boom ability.
Inou Tadataka’s mission will unlock her Meteor Strike ability.

  • Lhasa
    • 4 magic units
  • Chang’an
    • 2 sword units, 3 spear units, 1 magic unit

After taking the capital new character missions should unlock for Himiko and Abe no Seimei. They will reward you a Emerald and the Grand Cross skill for Seimei respectively.
Also complete the the Barbarian mission to fight the bandit leader (2 sword units and 2 spear units) to progress the story and unlock another action point. You’ll also unlock a new Lancelot mission after this. Which awards another Emerald.

South Seas – EU + Unknown

Go ahead and declare war on the EU first. Their occasional attack force consist of sword and gun units. Nobunaga is a strong attacker for this (short) campaign, while Sanzou Houshi is a double-edged sword. While Benkei is a strong front-line tank.

Take out the gun units first in case you use sword units.
Himiko’s and Abe no Seimei will award you with a CG scene, a Sapphire, and a talisman.

  • Saigon
    • 3 sword units, 2 gun units

Qin’s mission will unlock her Speed Down ability. Also be sure to do the curry mission at some point for a +50% recovery item.

  • Singapore
    • 1 sword unit, 3 gun units, 1 canon unit.
    • You cannot progress until next turn after taking Singapore.

After this the unknown forces will start attacking you. They’ll attack you from 2 sides, so beware. We’ll also be attacking 2 fronts in other to get the high difficulty bonus.

The unknowns are stronger than the EU, and use mostly sword, spear, and bow units. So, Cook, Nobunaga, Sanzou Houshi, and sword units it is.

  • Bunel
    • 3 sword units, 1 spear unit.
  • Jakarta
    • 2 sword units, 1 spear unit, 2 bow units
  • Bali
    • 2 sword units, 2 bow units
    • Taking Bali before x will give you a ruby
  • Manila
    • 2 sword units, 3 spear units
  • Cebu
    • 2 sword units, 2 spear units, 2 bow units
    • Most likely a more difficult battle then the ones before

Capturing Cebu will also unlock the first mission for Ashoka. It’ll unlock her Meteor Strike.

  • Guam
    • 3 sword units, 2 gun units
  • Port Moresby
    • Use the open sea route to attack this port
    • You’ll have to fight Takeru again. A sword unit.
    • Try to defeat her before her power up move. Be sure to have 1 unit up front that can soak a strong attack.

Finishing this campaign will unlock character missions for Benkei (Attack+2 item), Nobunaga (Topaz), Abe no Seimei (Energy Flare skill), Himiko (Refresh skill), Yoshitsune (CG + Slash Zapper skill), and Tadataka (Shooting Star skill).

You won’t be able to progress the story until the next turn. But our next objective will be Hawaii.


Continue on the mission to Tahiti to add them to your territory and continue the story. It’ll also unlock another Lancelot mission (Buster skill).

  • Aotearoa (High difficulty bonus for a Pearl)
    • 2 melee units, 1 gun unit, 1 boss melee unit
    • You’ll practically use if the boss uses its breath ability
    • But since it prioritizes healing you should keep an enemy on low hp at all times
    • Use a strong front-line defender and use long range (Magellan, Kublai, Cook/Nobunaga) combined with maybe a sword unit with Sonic Boom to focus down the boss
    • Use a topaz or 2 for your front-line units
    • Use luck items for your main attackers
  • Hawaii
    • You’ll have to fight 4 times
    • First time: 1 melee unit, 1 sword unit, 1 canon unit, 1 projectile unit
    • Second time: 2 sword units, 1 gun unit (Immediately followed by third wave)
    • Third time: 3 sword units, 1 canon unit (Immediately followed by fourth wave)
    • Fourth time: 1 sword unit, 1 canon unit, 1 gun unit, 1 melee unit, 1 projectile unit

After defeating the pirates you’ll obtain Hawaii and unlock the high difficulty bonus.


Go ahead and declare war on them. They’ll start attacking you at the end of the turn with 2 sword units, 1 spear unit, and 1 gun unit.

  • Darwin
    • 3 sword units, 1 spear unit
    • Be careful, after capturing Darwin you can get attacked from 2 sides. Capturing Perth right away seems to be the easiest counter to this.

Capturing Darwin will unlock a character mission for Lu Bu (Unlock Needle Rush skill).

  • Perth
    • 3 sword units, 1 projectile unit, 1 gun unit
    • Obtain Ishikawa Goemon after capturing Perth

Capturing Perth will unlock a character mission for Kublai Khan (Unlock Area Shot skill).

  • Brisbane
    • 1 sword unit, 1 spear unit, 2 canon units, 1 magic unit

Capturing Perth will unlock a character mission for Marco Polo (Unlock Assassin Blade skill).

  • Sydney
    • 1 spear unit, 1 sword unit, 1 projectile unit, 1 gun unit, 1 bow unit
    • Obtain Joan of Arc after capturing Sydney

Capturing Sydney will unlock a character mission for Sanzou Houshi (Unlock Giant’s Stomp skill).

  • Melbourne
    • 2 sword units, 1 spear unit, 1 bow unit
  • Alice Springs
    • 3 magic units, 1 spear unit

Capturing Alice Springs will unlock a character mission for Sun Tzu (Unlock Defense Up skil).
To finish the Australia campaign you’ll have to complete the Melbourne mission to find the leader of Australia. In this combat mission you’ll have to fight 1 sword unit and 4 spear units, including a boss character.

Since we’re aiming for the high difficulty bonus we’ll now move on to Macedonia. You can skip this and head straight for North America. (You’ll come back later)

Middle-East – Macedonia

Macedonia has a lot of bulky spear units. Meaning that a front-row Marco Polo with a topaz is a good option. As is Sanzou Houshi. Magellan can also be used. But otherwise you’ll have to go for a mix between bulky and attack orientated units. Critical chance items might improve odds in your favor a bit.

  • Persepolis
    • 5 spear units

After taking Persepolis you’ll get a tax law that reduces city income by 20% until you conquer Damascus. You’ll also unlock a new character mission for Lu Bu. Which will unlock an additional item slot for her.

  • Baghdad
    • 3 spear units, 2 magic units

Capturing Baghdad will unlock a character mission for Kublai Khan (Extra equipment slot).

  • Damascus
    • Has a wall
    • First battle: 3 spear units, 3 magic units
    • Second battle: 3 spear units, 1 bow unit, 1 ballista unit

Capturing Damascus should restore your city income. It’ll also unlock character missions for Sanzou Houshi (Extra equipment slot), Marco Polo (), and Qin Shi Huang ().

  • Alexandria
    • 3 spear units, 1 bow unit, 1 magic unit, 1 ballista unit
      • Sanzou Houshi is a strong but fragile front-liner
      • If you have a strong Magellan, she can be used to damage the back lines

If you did this with the difficulty bonus active, you’ll get an item that’ll let your character act first in battle.

North America – Indias

The audience with Columbus mission involves combat against 3 axe units and 2 spear units. So bring units accordingly. Meaning Marco Polo and projectile units like Tadataka and Ashoka. Gun units like Cook and Nobunaga are also effective.

Also be careful about placing sword and spear units on the frontline. They are fine on the second row however.

A new Benkei mission will also unlock after taking San Francisco (). Also continue on the cooperation mission to continue the story. Note that the pirates will also start attacking you.

To be continued…