Ishu Aigan Walkthrough (Fan-translation)

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This is a walkthrough for fetish eroge visual novel “Ishu Aigan” by Cyclet, translated to English by an anonymous fan-translator. Be aware that Ishu Aigan has lots of adult scenes involving insects and other creatures. So make sure that is something for you before you play it.

Ishu Aigan has 2 heroines (Yayoi and Yuuki) and a few choices you can make during your playthrough. There are 2 endings available.

You’ll need just 1 save slot for this guide, and you’ll also get 100% CG unlock.

End #1

  • Save Slot 1
  • Watch Yayoi
  • Watch Yayoi
  • Yayoi will

End #2

  • Load Slot 1
  • Watch Yuuki
  • Watch Yuuki
  • Yuuki will