Kindred Spirits on the Roof walkthrough (Mangagamer)

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This page is meant to give you some guidance to Liar-soft’s / Mangagamer’s Kindred Spirits on the Roof. Since the game only has a single final ending there’s no real need for a walkthrough, but the game can be a bit confusing at first nonetheless.

The game uses a calendar system in which you can always go back and watch all of the previous events that you’ve already seen. Each new event completed will then open up new events on the calendar for you to watch. Simply click on the right date to watch the event.

Certain choices are required to unlock certain extra scenes. Though these extra scenes won’t be available until after you’ve completed the main storyline at least once.

Important dates and choices:

  • 5/17: Yuri Cupid 1
    • Watch the hallway from the classroom
    • Will she say Sasa-san?
  • 5/18: Yuri Cupid 2
    • Maki-san, I think.
  • 6/12: Rain Falls and Love Blooms 2
    • I don’t think so
  • 6/22: Rain Falls and Love Blooms 7
    • Well, I guess so
    • Well, I had an idea…
  • 7/9: Summer Lilies 3
    • Ano, maybe?
  • 7/12: Summer Lilies 6
    • They’re both cool
  • 7/17: Summer Lilies 8
    • I don’t really know
  • 8/9: Paused in Midsummer 2
    • Seems like a lot of trouble
  • 8/11: Paused in Midsummer 4
    • I don’t hate it
  • 8/13: Paused in Midsummer 6
    • Maybe we should
  • 8/14: Paused in Midsummer 7
    • Y-You think so?
  • 9/10: Festival Eve 1
    • Amishima-senpai, maybe?
  • 9/18: Festival Eve 2
    • Amishima-senpai?
  • 9/21: School Festival Day 1
    • I wouldn’t go that far…
  • 9/22: School Festival Day 2
    • Since she’s so honest

Completing the above and the main storyline should provide you access to the “extra stories”, which are marked on your calendar with an apple icon. (Note, there are a lot of them, so it’s definitely worth checking out). I also recommend to go back over the dates above and make the exact opposite choices.

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