KukkoroDays Walkthrough (qureate)

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki

This is a walkthrough for the English version of the KukkoroDays knight girl visual novel by qureate and iMel Inc, available for download on Steam. With this guide you’ll be able to navigate through the choices that this game provides.

KukkoroDays has 1 main heroine (Cattleya) and 3 different endings. The choices will decide which endings you’ll be able to get.

You’ll need just 1 save slot, and you’ll also unlock all CGs as you go.


  • This guide assumes you have the free downloadable KukkoroDays R18 patch installed. Though it should also work without.

End #1 (Living together)

  • Start (And enter name)
  • Try to help her myself.
  • Dont pry.
  • Does she have a chance against me?
  • Look in the bag whether she likes it or not.
  • Protect Cattleya.
  • Do your best to get it yourself.
  • Save Slot 1
  • You dont want to leave Cattleya.

End #2 (Cattleya’s home)

  • Load Slot 1
  • She should follow through with her duty as a knight.

Bad end (No CGs)

  • Load Slot 1
  • You can’t make a decision…