Mamono Musume – Life with a Lamia Walkthrough (Vanadis / JAST USA)

Nightmare x Vampire Inferno of Retribution

This walkthrough is for the Mamono Musume – Life with a Lamia visual novel by Vanadis and JAST USA, available for English download on JAST USA. The Japanese name of this game is Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~.

Mamono Musume – Life with a Lamia has 1 main heroine, Leimia. This guide will help you unlock all uncensored CGs for Mamono Musume – Life with a Lamia. 

You’ll need 5 save slots for Mamono Musume – Life with a Lamia if you’d like to experience all it has to offer.


  • If you just want to finish the story and get full CG collection, it’s ok to do the Main End once. If you’d like to see the extra story parts, Leimia’s Ending Lecture, you can choose those routes. They will not unlock any more CG though, they’re just fun extras.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on DLdou.

Main End

  • Start
  • Save slot 1
  • Nope!
  • I’m gonna get minced.
  • Save slot 2
  • Give it a go.
  • Save slot 3
  • Calm down a little
  • Save slot 4
  • I guess I can’t… do anything?
  • Save slot 5
  • … Following it is my only option.

Leimia’s Ending Lecture 1

  • Load slot 1
  • Think about it for a second…

Leimia’s Ending Lecture 2

  • Load slot 2
  • Suck it up and just sleep on the floor

Leimia’s Ending Lecture 3

  • Load slot 3
  • Shout at her

Leimia’s Ending Lecture 4

  • Load slot 4
  • Screw this! I won’t give up!

Leimia’s Ending Lecture 5

  • Load slot 5
  • There’s no way.