Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino Walkthrough (GLASSES / Shiravune)

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This is a walkthrough for “Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino”, a visual novel by GLASSES and published in English by Shiravune. It’s available for English readers on the Johren website. It’s Japanese name is Megasuki! ~Kanojo to Boku no Megane Jijou~ Hoshino Yuuki Hen.

Yuuki Hoshino is the only love interest to romance in this kinetic novel. This guide is quick because there are no choices to make. You can sit back and enjoy this love story between Yuuki and Yuuma.

Completing the main story will unlock a full and censored gallery with CG, scenes and background music to be enjoyed at when you please.


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