Neko Night Walkthrough (CHAOS-L / JAST USA)

Nightmare x Vampire Inferno of Retribution

This walkthrough is for the Neko Night visual novel by CHAOS-L and JAST USA, available for English download on JAST USA. The Japanese name of this game is Harem Night ~Futari no Neko to Okosamazukuri!?~.

Neko Night has 2 main heroines, Vanille and Nera. This guide will help you unlock all uncensored CGs for Neko Night. 

You’ll need 1 save slots for Neko Night.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on Seiya Saiga.


  • New Game
  • Save slot 1
  • Vanille
  • I want to make Vanille feel good.
  • Strengthen Vanille
  • Cum inside Vanille.


  • Load slot 1
  • Nera
  • I want to give Nera some more love.
  • Strengthen Nera
  • Impregnate Nera.