Netorare Otoko no Ko Walkthrough (Fan Translation)

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This is a simple walkthrough to unlock all CGs in the fan-translation oftrap heroine visual novel “Netorare Otoko no Ko” by an anonymous user on 4chan. Also see the VNDB topic here for patch download links and more info. The game was originally developed by the Japanese amateur group “Otoko no Ko Soft”. It’s available for purchase at dlsite here.

There’s 1 hero(ine) in Netorare Otoko no Ko, named Nozomi. There are only 2 endings available and 1 choice to go by. So even though a walkthrough is not really needed, this page is here to make you aware of the limited choices in this visual novel. Don’t expect a complicated game. Do note that you can only unlock all CGs by choosing both options at least once.

Otoko no Ko soft has many more (Japanese) trap visual novel games available for download on their DLsite page. Most of them are available for a fairly low price.

Ending 1

  • Save slot 1
  • Break up with Nozomi (revenge)

Ending 2

  • Load slot 1
  • Stay with Nozomi, no matter what (die)