Please Bang My Wife walkthrough (Mangagamer)


This is a walkthrough for “Please Bang My Wife” by Mangagamer (Get it here). The game was originally made by Japanese company Atelier Sakura under the name of “Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko ga Rinshitsu de Dakareru Made” as one of many in a series of similar setting.

The main story in the game is not that long, and you won’t need any save slots for this guide because of it. A great deal of CGs are unlocked after you finish the game for the first time (see below)


  • What kind of person is he?
  • Where did you do it?
  • How long has it gone on?
  • How many times have you done it?
  • Do you love me?
  • What do you think of him?

After completing this, you can go into Extras -> Scene Gallery and play through the previous scenes as well as a great variety of new scenes. Through those scenes you’ll get a look through Mariko’s eyes as to how her affair played out. Of course you’ll also unlock the rest of the CGs as you go.

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