Sakura Magical Girls Walkthrough (Winged Cloud)

Nightmare x Vampire Inferno of Retribution

This is a walkthrough for the adult version of Winged Cloud’s Sakura Magical Girls, available at Nutaku, or Steam (All-ages, get patch here). The game has 2 heroines (Hikari and Yuki), and also features various scenes with Ayame. The end is the same no matter which choices you pick, but this guide will show which choices to make for scenes with a specific heroine.

The walkthrough will also help you unlock the various Steam achievements if you have the Steam edition and help you unlock all CGs. You’ll need just 1 save slot.

Ending, Hikari scenes

  • Save Slot 1
  • Finish up my work quickly.
  • Left.
  • Left.
  • Go back to the hotel room to rest.
  • Talk to Hikari.
  • Try to go down to the basement.

Ending, Yuki scenes

  • Load Slot 1
  • Take my time.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Head to the beach.
  • Talk to Yuki.
  • Enjoy the spa.