Sakura Space Walkthrough (Winged Cloud)

ReLord 3 The demon lord of Groessen and the final witch

This is a walkthrough for the adult version of Winged Cloud’s yuri game Sakura Space (Get it at Nutaku games). While the game does not have different endings you do get investigation points that count towards a total score. This walkthrough is to help you obtain a perfect score at the end of the game.

The walkthrough will most likely work for the all-ages edition as well, but this goes untested. You won’t need any save slots, and you will also unlock all CGs. (It’s correct that’s only 5 images on page 6 of the gallery)

From the beginning

  • Something doesn’t seem right here.
  • There are plenty of reasons why it would be high.
  • I don’t think she would be hiding there.
  • She must be well trained if she can use a whip like that.
  • This seems too obvious.
  • There is more to her than a whip.
  • Yes, it would be.
  • A potential threat.
  • She is testing me.
  • Her ego.
  • It isn’t plausible.
  • We should keep a low profile.
  • They must have all belonged to her.
  • It was just a simple trap.
  • Please let us know if you see anything.
  • Hold back for now.
  • It’s obviously some sort of trap.
  • Perhaps she’s connected to us, somehow.
  • We have to consider other possibilities.
  • I cannot let my guard down.
  • Maybe she is important.
  • She will choose freedom.