Sankaku Ren’ai: Love Triangle Trouble Walkthrough (ASa Project / NekoNyan)

My Ex Sister In Law

This is a walkthrough for the uncensored English translation of the “Sankaku Ren’ai” visual novel by NekoNyan, available over at Denpasoft, Mangagamer, or Nutaku. It was originally developed by Japanese company ASa Project. Its full original name is “Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren’ai”

This guide is simply a translation of the original Japanese walkthrough by Seiya-Saiga. So all credit to them. There are 4 main heroines in “Sankaku Ren’ai” (Nanaru, Suzu, Maho, Shiina). As well as 2 sub-heroines that have their own endings (Cara, Akane).

You’ll need 5 save slots for this guide, and you’ll also unlock all CGs as you go.


  • The save system in this game is called “Bookmarks”.
    • (You can filter by “Choice” saves to distinguish your normal saves from the walkthrough saves)
  • This walkthrough should work for both the all-ages Steam edition, as well as the x-rated edition. (Free patch here)
    • Some choices might not show up for the all-ages edition however. (Just ignore those)


  • Sure
  • Save Bookmark 1
  • Choose the childhood friend
  • We have come too far to give up now
  • Embrace our inner fighting game demons
  • Stay and help Nanaru study
  • Save Bookmark 2
  • Help Nanaru out on the dining floor
  • 360 degrees


  • Load Bookmark 2 (Sisters Route 1)
  • Help Suzu make yakisoba
  • Sky


  • Load Bookmark 1 (Common Route 2)
  • Go with the girl you have recently been interested in
  • We should just call it a day
  • Go along with the others
  • Save Bookmark 3
  • Ask Nanaru if she wants to play
  • Tattle on them to the manager for brownie points
  • What was her name again? I will just call her Senpai
  • I wonder, do people prefer Onii-chan over Nii-san?
  • Save Bookmark 4
  • Shoot Kisu-senpai a text
  • Wanna be my slave?
  • Why has he made no move on me yet?
  • W-who ever said I wanna have sex with you! I do, though
  • Some good ole P in V action in the water?


  • Load Bookmark 4 (Love Route 2)
  • Maho is probably my best bet
  • Save Bookmark 5
  • This new look on Maho… is stirring something inside me
  • Wait, how about I angle this for a threesome…


  • Load Bookmark 5 (Maho Route 1)
  • You actually look pretty dang cute too, Cara


  • Load Bookmark 3 (Common Route 6)
  • Stay and help Nanaru study
  • Help Suzu make yakisoba