Seven days with the Ghost Walkthrough (Denpasoft)

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This is a walkthrough for the official translation of the Seven days with the Ghost (Her and Her and My 7 Days) visual novel, available for download over at Denpasoft or Nutaku. The original Japanese developer of the game is called Lilies Project. And the original title being Kanojo to Kanojo to Watashi no Nanoka.

Seven days with the Ghost has 2 different endings, and only 1 choice. With this guide you’ll know which choice does what. And you’ll also unlock all (uncensored) CGs. You’ll need 1 save slot.


  • Save Slot 1
  • Get real! No way are you going to manipulate me like that!


  • Load Slot 1
  • Aah, geez! Fine, I’ll do what you say, for crying out loud!