Sorcery Jokers Walkthrough (Mangagamer)

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This is a walkthrough for the English translation of Sorcery Jokers by Mangagamer (All-ages on Steam here). For which the original Japanese developer of the game is called “3rdEye”. This guide is based upon the Japanese walkthrough by Seiya Saiga but adjusted to the English translation instead.

Sorcery Jokers has a scene unlock system where you can unlock scenes as you play. Allowing you to jump between them as you go. You can basically take any order you want, so this guide will simply provide a list of clicks you can do. It’ll also make sure that you unlock all scenes.

The main heroines are Noah, Fiona, Asahi, and Riku. By following this guide you’ll be able to unlock all (uncensored) CGs.

Main Story

  • 1stDAY 21:30
  • 2ndDAY 08:00
  • 1stDAY 20:40
  • 2ndDAY 15:00
  • 1stDAY 19:00
  • 2ndDAY 17:00
  • 2ndDAY 13:00
  • 3rdDAY 02:00
  • 3rdDAY 08:00
  • 2ndDAY 17:30
  • 3rdDAY 13:00
  • 3rdDAY 20:00
  • 3rdDAY 12:00
  • 3rdDAY 22:00 (Senri)
  • 4thDAY 17:30
  • 4thDAY 08:00
  • 4thDAY 18:20
  • 4thDAY 21:00
  • 5thDAY 09:00
  • 5thDAY 21:00
  • 5thDAY 22:00
  • 6thDAY 00:00

After the last scene you’ll continue the rest of the story and eventually return to the “start” screen. The next events will take place later and after continuing a switch button will be added to the scene map.


  • Choose either Senri or Haruto.
    • Senri: 2ndDAY 22:00
    • Haruto:1stDAY 12:30

Now another start screen will appear with the same choice between protagonists.


  • Choose either Senri or Haruto.
    • Senri: 17thDAY 12:00
    • Haruto: 16thDAY 12:30

Once you finished these stories you’ll be able to unlock the true end.

True END

  • Start (18thDAY 19:30)

Epilogues (Available after the true end, only in Adult version)

  • Noah
  • Fiona
  • Asahi
  • Riku