Uchikano: Living with my Girlfriend Walkthrough (Argonauts / MangaGamer)

Nightmare x Vampire Inferno of Retribution

This walkthrough is for the Uchikano: Living with my Girlfriend visual novel by Argonauts and MangaGamer, available for English download on MangaGamer. The Japanese name of this game is Uchi no Kanojo.

Uchikano is a short VN and has 1 heroine, Ayame. This guide will help you unlock all uncensored CGs for a complete gallery. 

You’ll won’t need any save slots as the choices you make unlock both CG images. Completing both the Main Story and Additional Story will reward you with a completed gallery.

This walkthrough is based on the one found on Seiya Saiga.

Main Story

  • Main Menu
  • New Game
  • Adult Choice

Additional Story

  • Main Menu
  • After Days

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