Wolf girl with you Walkthrough ( seismic)

LIP Lewd Idol Project Vol3

This is a walkthrough for the doujin game “Wolf girl with you” by seismic, available for download at dlsite here. It’s original Japanese name is Ookami Shoujo to Issho.

The game itself is fairly simple. You simply unlock chapters as you go, but the system itself might need a little introduction. First of all, you should change the game’s language to English by hovering over the bottom right half of the screen and click on it to open the options screen.


  • Switching chapters can be done through the top-left portion of the screen
  • Between choices you can continue the story by clicking the text balloons in the bottom right

Chapter unlocks

  • Dinner first? (Unlocks Dinner, Gyoza)
  • Let’s have fun in the bath! (Unlocks Bath Room)
  • Squeeze it between your tits! (Unlocks Bath Breast Sex)
  • Let’s continue this in bed… (Unlocks Bed Room)
  • (Choose either choice at the end) (Unlocks Opening 2/Entrance 2)
  • Are you hungry? (Unlocks Dinner, Tonkatsu)
  • I’ll feed you my dick in the bath!
  • No more Mr. Nice Guy! Show me that ass (Unlocks Bath Doggy Style)
  • The night is still young, Liru!
  • I want to do you from behind! (Unlocks Bed Doggy Style)
  • (Choose freely) (Unlocks Opening 3/Entrance 3)
  • Food time? (Unlocks Dinner, Steak)
  • I’ll wash your body!!
  • Liru, stroke me with your hand!
  • Suck my cock! (Unlocks Bath Fellatio)
  • I want you to ride me, Liru! (Unlocks Bed Ride)

Chapter unlocks 2

  • Load entrance 3
  • Food time?
  • Very tired today, sleeping early… (Unlocks Liru’s cooking)
  • (Unlocks Cooking Sex)
  • (Unlocks Liru’s Breakfast)

Developer seismic has more titles available for download over at dlsite. And even though most of these are Japanese works, their cell-shaded 3D content might just convince you to try them regardless.