Yozora Rhapsody Walkthrough (Yume Creations)

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This is a walkthrough for the adult and Steam versions of Yume Creations’s visual novel Yozora Rhapsody, available over at Nutaku Games and Steam respectively. There’s 3 different endings to obtain in Yozora Rhapsody, 2 of them being routes for one of the 2 main characters (Kotoko and Hotaru).

By following this guide you’ll also be able to obtain all CGs, -and if you have the Steam edition-, all achievements as well. You’ll just need 1 save slot.


  • You cannot save in this game during the choice windows. Luckily you won’t really need this a lot during the walkthrough, but keep that in mind during your playthrough.

Bad End

  • All done, Ko-chan!
  • Uh…
  • Honey, you won’t need much clothes anyway once we arrived there.
  • But you like my big gun, Ko-Chan~~
  • Queen Kotoko and Princess Hotaru, of course!
  • …I can get that in a flash and we’ll continue this?
  • If you don’t sleep sooner, then morning won’t come sooner, too.
  • Uh, Papa asked Mama for a massage yesterday.
  • What’s this? My wife wants more of her husband, I see.
  • Save Slot 1 (Immediately after choice)
  • Huh? What’s that, Hotaru-chan? I don’t understand you.


  • Load Slot 1
  • Good choice on the dinner, Ko-chan!


  • How about Hotaru-chan?
  • You can bring as many dolls as you want!
  • If that happened, I’ll buy you two a whole new set of clothes on the island.
  • I always had it with me because I’m on mission: impossible!
  • Those that are around me right now?
  • Should I just tell them to leave the food outside?
  • Papa will tell you about it tomorrow then, okay?
  • Papa is actually a vampire and drank Mama’s blood last night.
  • Right, I should’ve been on to you more so we can have more Hotarus.
  • Hahah, I’m glad to hear that, Hotaru-chan!