Free Friends walkthrough (Mangagamer)

9 -nine-:Episode 4

This is a walkthrough for the Free Friends visual novel by Noesis and Mangagamer. Originally titled Furifure for its Japanese release. Available for download here.

The Free Friends walkthrough below is based upon foolmaker’s Japanese version but adjusted to the translation instead.

You’ll need 4 save slots for this guide and you’ll also be able to unlock all CGs.

Bad End 1

  • Save slot 1
  • I’ll take some pictures with my phone for insurance.
  • Save slot 2
  • Send her a threatening text (picture attached)
  • Let it out in her mouth
  • Cum inside Kurahashi
  • Cum inside Kurahashi

Bad End 2

  • Load slot 2
  • Send her a sternly-worded text
  • Cum inside Kurahashi

Bad End 3

  • Load slot 1
  • This was in both our interests. It’s probably fine.
  • Let it out in her mouth
  • Want to fill Kurahashi with my semen
  • Save slot 3
  • I just like your face and body

Bad End 4

  • Load slot 3
  • Because I couldn’t leave you alone…
  • Want to cum inside Kurahashi
  • Save slot 4
  • Quietly back out

Good end

  • Load slot 4
  • Go to see her, even if they’ll ignore me

All CGs

After this walkthrough you’ll have access to all CGs. If you want all variations however, there are 2 options:

1. Trace back the routes once more and make sure to choose the alternative “cum” option.
2. Play the various scenes in the scene gallery and make sure to choose the alternative “cum” option.

Did you like the art and story of Free Friends? Be sure to check out the sequel called Free Friends 2.