Angenehm Platz -Kleiner Garten Sie Erstellen-

Description & Story

Protagonist Rio’s childhood friend, Yuuna, likes cosplay, though she tries her best to keep it a secret. One day she makes him cosplay as a girl, forcing a girl’s school uniform and a wig onto him. She even makes him wear some make-up. After that she forces him to go home like that without being discovered, under the guise that she wants to prove that it’s the perfect crossdressing cosplay.

However, Rio’s true identity is discovered right away by his classmate Nene, a selfish rich girl. Nene then uses this opportunity to turn the 2 of them into her “servants”, telling them that if they won’t do it she would reveal Rio’s “secret” about crossdressing. Leaving Rio and Yuuna no other choice but to accept.

Nene wants to start a cafe club in school and forces them to become club members. She also tells them to recruit more members. And so it marks the birth of a strange club with an even stranger backstory…


OP / Demo movie