Bunny Bounce

Description & Story

Bunny Bounce is the second visual novel in the renewed bounce series of visual novels. Released under the name of Brightly Studios, a new group affiliated with Dharker Studio. It’s a direct sequel of the Beauty Bounce game, released in early 2017.

You once again play through the eyes of protagonist Tomo in the beautiful Beach Bounce resort. Early on Tomo has an accident that causes him to start hallucinating while he is on the job of managing the resort. To him it now looks like all of the girls are wearing bunny ears and various skimpy outfits.

Will you be able to stay sane on the job, or will you give in to insanity?

Uncensored Bunny Bounce Download edition

Bunny Bounce is only available as a downloadable game. For this, there are 2 editions that you can choose from. First there’s the uncensored Adult edition for download over at Nutaku games. But an all-ages Steam Edition is also be available at Steam.

Sample CGs