COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princess

Description & Story

COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princess is a visual novel by the developer and publisher iMel Inc. 

This visual novel is for fans of shorter games that focus on one main girl. Fans who enjoy stories about cosplay and attending conventions will also like COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princess.

There is one love interest and 2 different endings to find. Once you finish them both you’ll be rewarded with a complete gallery. The extra menu has a gallery mode and a memory mode. All CG is censored.

Story / setting

Our protagonist is at a dead end.  He’s a Product Designer but still doesn’t have anything to his name.

He decides to join an event about cosplay for a little bit of soul searching. That’s where he meets a beautiful girl in cosplay, a true otaku. He’s sure that it was a once in a lifetime meeting when… He runs into her her at his local coffee shop!

It must be more than fate on his side.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted princess is available on the official website and Steam