Hot & Steamy Knights

Description & Story

Hot & Steamy Knights is a translated visual novel released by Cherry Kiss Games. It was originally developed by Japanese company Miel, with the name “Deka Chichi Muchi Shiri BBA Kishidan ~Rekisen no Onna Kishi mo Kyokon ni wa Katenai! Bakunyuu Bakushiri Mesu ni Ero Hidoi Koto Shihoudai no Zettai Chuusei Harem♪~”.

As the name “Hot & Steamy Knights” implies, this game does not intend to hide its contents. But it actually has a (Japanese only) prequel game. A game in which the protagonist was transported to another world and seduced a beautiful knight with huge tits.

It’s been 3 years since his arrival and now Ayotaro is taking a trip across the sea. He has heard that there are 4 interesting knights over there for him to take. But on the way there his ship gets attacked by a monster and he finds himself alone on a beach not much later.

Will he still be able to find his 4 knights?



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