Fault!! Service ~Aratanaru Rival~

Description & Story

After a tumultuous summer vacation it’s now time for a new school semester. Shuuichi has been constantly busy with his relationship to both Ai and Mio. But then on one day the leader of the tennis club Reiko decides that the club will participate in the school festival at the end of the month, and after much debating they settle on doing a cosplay cafe. And their tumultuous days are far from over when they also get involved in the student council president elections and a transfer student will be coming to Shuuichi’s class.

How will the story progress from here…

Buy import version (18+)

An import version called “Fault!! Service Ace” is available at J-List, which contains both “Fault!” games.

Goods: Figures and Artbook (18+)

Two figures are available through J-list, namely a 1/6 Cast off Figure for Maya Kamiwazumi, and another for Ai Saeki. There’s also an artbook, named Fault! Collection.



OP / Demo movie


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