Hatsujou Sprinkle

Description & Story

In Whirlpool’s latest visual novel, you play as protagonist Souta. A second year student who has a more than average sex drive. Because of this, most girls avoid him whenever they can. Despite this however, Souta still presses on with his pointless actions in order to live an “erotic” school life.

One day, his desires build up even more than usual and he wouldn’t want to do anything else but rub a pretty girl’s chest for example. It’s at that time that a beautiful girl appears in front of him. She tells him that she’s a witch and that certain demonic powers have awakened in him. Namely the “power of lust”, one of the 7 sins. A power strong enough to affect those around him.

Those powers were awakened because a family treasure has been stolen. The witch girl now wants Souta’s help in recovering the treasure. Marking a great change in his life. Will this mean he can really get his (magical?) erotic school life now?



OP / Demo movie