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Description & Story

Hello,good-bye is a visual novel by Japanese company Lump of Sugar, and subsequently released in English through NekoNyan.

In Hello,good-bye, Japan is divided into two factions. And the story will take place right in the middle between those two factions. You’ll play through the eyes of Kaito. A young military officer who’s tasked with infiltrating the prestigious Tenshudo Academy. Located in the special Morino district.

When he arrives he first visits the cease-fire agreement monument. Located in a park with a beautiful flower field. Where he finds May. A young girl that greets him warmly. When she asks him for his name he has a slight slip of the tongue and actually ends up revealing more than he should.

That single line marks the beginning of our story.

Hello,good-bye English uncensored adult download edition

The English edition of Hello,good-bye is available as an uncensored download edition at DenpasoftMangagamer, or Nutaku.

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