KamiYaba: Dicking Destiny on a Dicey Deadline

Description & Story

KamiYaba: Dicking Destiny on a Dicey Deadline is a visual novel by the developer Hulotte and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai”.

This visual novel is for fans of student romances with interesting heroines. Fans who love after stories and unlockable ladies will also enjoy KamiYaba.

There are 6 girls to choose from but 3 to start with. Each girl also has an After Story chapter. Completing all routes and the After Stories will unlock a complete CG gallery.

The extra menu has a CG Mode, Music Mode, and Scene Mode. All the scenes and pictures are uncensored.

Story / setting

Hajime is just a normal kid when the self-proclaimed matchmaker Urara tells him that he had better find his love within the next year. Or else there’ll be trouble. Although, calling Hajime normal might not entirely be correct. He has a big obsession with good luck charms, and has been collecting them from wherever he could. So maybe it works a little like an upset tummy after eating too much. Overdoing it is never good.

Well, whatever the reason may be. Urara told him that he would be a DT (doutei aka virgin) for the rest of his life if he doesn’t find a girlfriend. And that’s something Hajime wants to avoid at all costs… On the other hand however, he also doesn’t want to end up overdoing it again.

Seeing his struggle, Urara helps him by giving him the names of 3 girls suited for him, along with their “worth”. Seems like it will be hard for him either way. Can he save himself from a doomed life?

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

KamiYaba is available for download on Johren and Steam.



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