King of Vikings

Description & Story

King of Vikings is a short visual novel by King Key Games. As the title suggest this story takes place in a Viking (fantasy) era.

You play as Ragnar the Silver, noble stepbrother of Queen Mathilda. For Ragnar life has been pretty easygoing so far. Because of his strong memory and his strength with words, he wasn’t groomed in combat like his other brothers. Instead, Ragnar has become an envoy and negotiator for his stepfather, King Brodo.

But right now the clan is in trouble. Mathilda calls upon Ragnar to deal with a vicious tentacle monster. You have to use your resources to build an army of strong warriors to deal with the creature.

Are you up to the task?

King of Vikings download edition

King of Vikings is available for download as an uncensored adul edition over at Nutaku. Or on Steam if you prefer an all-ages edition.

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