Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate – The Code Name is “Shield 9”

Description & Story

Shuuji is a rookie agent belonging to the bodyguard organization of ” Aegis”, tasked with the protection of important VIPs. Despite his small stature, Shuuji has completed several guarding missions in success, which now results in a new assignment for him. It’s a quite special one in fact… he has to infiltrate the St. Theresia all-girls Academy and guard his target from within the school. Obviously that means he has to dress as a girl, and live as a girl.

Obviously Shuuji is hesitant at first, but soon gives in and transforms into a girl, then gets into action. He can’t be find out, he must think of himself as a girl, and he must protect his target. WIth his name of “Taeko” he infiltrates the rose garden society of high-class ladies and girls, living a life belonging to a true schoolgirl. Will he be able protect his target and prevent others from discovering his true identity?



OP / Demo movie