Description & Story

KukkoroDays is a visual novel by iMel Inc. & qureate released in 2020.

In the story you play as yourself. At least, if you’re someone who has left home quite a few years ago, and have never had a girlfriend. You live your life working at your part-time job and reading light novels.

One day after you finish a book borrowed from your co-worker, a magic circle suddenly appears in your room. And from within, a beautiful blonde female knight appears. Though she appears to be heavily injured.

After helping Cattleya get through the night she explains to have been reincarnated from a different world. She’ll be stuck in your world until the two of you find a way back for her.

But your modern world is of course completely different from the world that she used to know. Will she be alright? And can you help her find a way back?

KukkoroDays English download edition

The English edition of KukkoroDays is available for download on Steam. There’s also free downloadable KukkoroDays R18 patch on the official website.

Sample CGs