Magical Marriage Lunatics!!

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Description & Story

Magical Marriage Lunatics is a visual novel by developer Moonstone, and translated into English by Mangagamer.

In Magical Marriage Lunatics you play as Yuuta, just another one of your average students living a normal school life. That is, until one day a huge mansion appears in his backyard. Which is apparently occupied by a vampire princess named Luce.

Soon after that, other unusual girls show up one after the other. There’s Julia, a succubus. Karin, a Tenko (fox). Yorihime, a goddess princess. And Luluna, the witch. The only “normal” girl left in Yuuta’s life is Yuuna, his childhood friend who works at her family’s cafe.

All of these girls come to Yuuta because of a promise made long ago. Which of these lovely girls will you eventually choose?

English uncensored download edition

Mangagamer has released a fully uncensored English download edition for Magical Marriage Lunatics. It’s available for download at their website here.

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