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Description & Story

Making Lovers is a comedic pure romance visual novel by Smee, available in English through NekoNyan. The story is seen through the eye of a young man who strongly believes that falling in love is a process that happens entirely before two people formally go out with each other. He is almost obsessive about it, no matter how silly it may seem.

Things like setting up random encounters with your love interest, exchanging contact information, hanging out together during free time. And eventually go on dates together. It’s his strong believe that love cannot be achieved without following all of these steps.

Randomly hitting on people or formal marriage interviews, or even being introduced to your love interest by someone else. Those kind of things are absolutely “not done” in his book.

That is, until a certain girl tells him one word…

Making*Lovers English download edition

The English edition of Making*Lovers is available for download from various sources. So check it out over at Mangagamer, Nutaku, Denpasoft, or Steam (All-ages). Also check out the official store page over at NekoNyan.

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