Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Ayumu Sakura

Description & Story

“Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Ayumu Sakura” is a kinetic novel by the developer GLASSES and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Megasuki! ~Kanojo to Boku no Megane Jijou~ Sakura Ayumu Hen.”

This visual novel is for fans of childhood friends and innocent love stories. And don’t forget girls in glasses!

Megasuki is a kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices to make. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your relationship with Ayumu.

The extra menu has replayable scenes, a music gallery, and of course stills from the main route. All the scenes and pictures are censored.

Story / setting

Ayumu Sakura and Hiro Oikawa have always been best friends. She’s carried her feelings for him in a secret silence. Hiro always thought she was cute but more as his little sister. Now that they’re in high school, they’ve taken a step back from being so close.

When Ayumu notices that her vision has gotten worse, she and Hiro visit the local optician. Once her glasses are on… Hiro can’t control himself. He falls head over heels for her and asks her out right there!

Now the two virgins must navigate their way through the unknown landscape of romance but at least they have each other.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Ayumu Sakura is available for download on the Johren website.