Neko-nin exHeart

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Description & Story

In this Neko-nin visual novel by Whirlpool, human-like beings called “Ajin” have been around since ancient times. In possession of strange powers, these ajin usually operated as ninjas for their contractors.

Yura and Tama are two of such ninjas. One day they appear in front of our protagonist and claim that they came to fulfill an old contract. How is he going to get the funds to suddenly feed two more mouths? And what use have ninjas in these modern times anyway? Even despite those worries however, he can’t help but feel some affection for these two cute ninjas. They even have those adorable ears after all.

It doesn’t take long for him to fully accept the two ninja girls in his life. …But who are are those two people watching him from the shadows?

English translation

An English translation for Neko-nin exHeart was released in cooperation with Sekai Project. There are 2 download editions available. First there’s the all-ages edition on Steam, and second there’s the adult uncensored edition available for download at Nutaku or Denpasoft. If you already own the all-ages edition and want to upgrade, you can also consider getting the 18+ DLC.

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