Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress

Description & Story

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress is a visual novel by the developer MintCUBE and published by Shiravune. The original Japanese name is “Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata”.

This visual novel is for fans of high school romances with branching plots. Fans who also enjoy brother/sister relationships will find Ninki Seiyuu a fun read as well.

There are 3 girls to choose from. Completing all three routes will provide you with a complete gallery. The extra menu has CG mode, a music mode, and a scene mode. All the scenes and pictures are censored.

Story / setting

Production Bloom is always short on staff so Keito decides to work there part time. It’s an interesting job and the seiyuus he meets have their own stories to share. Add in a little romance and who knows where the journey will end? This is a behind the scenes tale told by the seiyuus.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

Ninki Seiyuu is available for download on Steam and Johren. There’s a 18+ patch for the Steam version, available here.