NinNinDays 2

Description & Story

NinNinDays 2 is a visual novel by the developer and publisher qureate.

This visual novel is for fans of the original story NinNinDays. Fans who enjoy multiple endings and a series based in the same world as NekoMiko will also enjoy this VN.

There are 2 beautiful ninja girls to choose from and a harem ending as well. 

The Extras menu has a gallery mode, a memory mode, and a music mode as well.

Story / setting

Our protagonist is at work and daydreaming about how wonderful having a girlfriend would be.

That’s when not 1, but 2, ninja girls show up. They aren’t looking to buy anything because they have no money. Our hero takes pity on them and gets them some food but that simple act of kindness turns his whole world upside down.

Sample CGs

English Download Editions

NinNinDays 2 is available on the qureate website and Steam.

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