Pirate Booty and the Bukkake Buccaneer

Description & Story

Pirate Booty and the Bukkake Buccaneer is a visual novel by the developer Miel and published by Cherry Kiss Games. The original Japanese name is “Otoko Masari na Bakunyuu Kaizoku to Kimajime Shoukou o Kyochin Hitotsu de Do M na Haramase Onaho ni Suru Kaizoku Seikatsu”.

This visual novel is for fans of busty pirate babes and harem endings. Fans of cosplay, virgin heroines, and impregnation will also enjoy Pirate Booty and the Bukkake Buccaneer.

There are 2 girls to choose from and of course a wonderful harem ending. Completing the main route and CG recovery will reward you with a complete and censored gallery.

The extra menu has a gallery viewer, chapter selection, H-Scene replay, scene studio and a way for you to reset your achievements.

Story / setting

You’re a pirate on the infamous Unsinkable Dragoon. At your side is an incredible sexy first mate and the world is at your feet. That is until you hear that the Navy’s top pirate hunter, Elise, is coming straight for you!

To make matters worse, a rival pirate is here for your booty! Rebecca boards your ship with the intent to steal it!

English Download Editions

Pirate Booty and the Bukkake Buccaneer is available for download on Steam

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