Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness

Description & Story

Perfect Gold is an all-ages girls’ love (yuri) visual novel by developer Yangyang Mobile. Featuring beautifully animated character sprites and CGs. With stunning backgrounds to enhance the story.

Follow Marion and Audrey in their life at LeFay Academy. Audrey is the heiress to one of the academy’s brightests students while Marion is somewhat of a troublemaker. Someone the two of them end up in detention together on the day of the Sunflower festival.

Of course that gets both of them in a bad mood as it is one of the rare oppportunities to get away from studying and the academy. The two of them are determined to find a way out so they can still have some enjoyment. And as they work together their friendship grows…

Sample CGs

Perfect Gold download edition

Perfect Gold is available for download over on Steam.