Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever!

Description & Story

Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever is the fandisc for [email protected]’s Princess X visual novel, bringing you more monster girl perverted-ness. Localized by JAST USA. Its original Japanese title is Princess X FD ~Iinazuke wa Owaranai!?~.

Similar to most fandiscs, Fiancees Forever provides a collection of short after stories that take place after the story of the main game. In these short stories you get to explore your relationship with the various heroines, including some special relationships with multiple heroines at the same time.

There’s also some content that’ll feature new characters or character that didn’t get much attention in the main game.

Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever English download edition

The English edition of Princess X FD: Fiancees Forever is available for download over at JAST USA. This edition is uncensored.

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