Re;Lord Dai San Shou ~Grossen no Maou to Saigo no Majo~

Description & Story

Re;Lord Dai San Shou -or Re;Lord 3-, is the final entry in Escude’s Re;Lord visual novel series. Just like the other 2 games is features destructable clothing and various other gameplay elements.

In the story Wilfried decides to chase after Iris. Who was captured after liberating Cologne from the control of the witches. Since Iris posses so much information it’s more important to him to get her back, rather than going for the third witch.

The journey takes him to the country of Greiz. In the center of the country lies the capitol city. A city that is now entirely empty, giving it an eerie feeling. Surprisingly, it’s also the city where the third witch has taken her seat of power.

The final battle is about to unfold…