Description & Story

Reminiscence is a lengthy visual novel about Hidetaka Shimazu, a temporary teacher at a nearby all-girls school. He has no dreams for the future and is simple working to support his daily life. He is currently residing together with his younger sister, who also attends the same school as he’s teaching for, and his android maid.

The town he lives in is one of two underground geo fronts located close to each other. On one day an opportunity arrives for him to start working as a government worker. During one of his jobs he stumbles upon an old facility which still holds one girl that was held artificially asleep for many years. His encounter with her means a big change to how his future will unfold.

Reminiscence is a game featuring plenty of comedy and yet holds a long and deep story which brings you into a slightly futuristic world.

Collector’s Edition

An updated Collector’s Edition was released in 2016, which added some additional content as well as new CGs and an improved system. It also includes the fandisc “Reminiscence Re:Collect“.


OP / Demo movie