Ren’ai Phase

Description & Story

Jun Yaegaki has plenty of male friends around, but when it comes to girls, he has none. He’s also never had a girlfriend. With Christmas approaching, one of his internet friends asks him if he really plans to spend Christmas alone, without even trying to get a girlfriend. Jun had never really bothered with the idea until his friend mentioned it to him. Maybe he should just spend his entire life without bothering to find one.

But then again, does he really want to spend the rest of his life like this? Never even daring to take a step forward in an attempt to change it? His friend’s words managed to spark a change in his beliefs.

“Alright! I’ll try to find a girlfriend before Christmas Eve!”

And with those words, he begins his search for love…


Art: Niro / Shirou Usume
Scenario: Ryou Wakase / Gihara / Yuki Yuuki


OP / Demo movie