Description & Story

Rewrite takes place in a town called Kazematsuri, a place that values life amongst culture and greenery. There, we will follow the peaceful life of a group of young friends. Their names are Kotarou, Kotori, and Haruhiko. With the annual harvest festival coming up things will be busy in town soon.

Kotarou has made it his hobby to investigate all kinds of rumors about occult related activities and sightings. At the same time, something strange happens to his own body as well and he asks Akane for help. As the president of the occult club she should surely be able to help him. Kotarou is glad for the help of other friends as well as they join in over time to help with the investigation.

What he doesn’t know however, is his new quest is also tied to the “real truth”.

Rewrite+ and English translation
There’s an updated version of Rewrite called “Rewrite+”, this release also includes the Harvest festa fandisc. It’ll also have several new CGs and various other updates.

According to, there are also plans to localize this new version once it’s complete.


OP / Demo movie