Sakura Agent

Description & Story

Sakura Agent is the next entry in Winged Cloud’s “Sakura” series. it was released on Steam in january 2017 and has an adult patch available at the creator’s Patreon page.

Akira is an agent for a secretive organisation who protects the world from threats simply known as incursions. Strange creatures from another dimension are invading his world, wreaking havoc wherever they go. With his assistant and a freshly assigned rookie to back him up, can Akira overcome a threat which may end civilisation itself?

– Description from the Steam page

Sakura Agent uncensored download edition

If you want more than just all-ages edition, then there’s a download available¬†for Sakura Agent over at Nutaku. If you have the Steam edition, an adult patch for Sakura Agent was also released at the same time as the Steam version. It can be downloaded from Winged Cloud’s Patreon here.


OP / Demo movie