Sakura Cupid

Description & Story

Sakura Cupid is a yuri visual novel by Winged Cloud in which you play through the eyes of Lilim. A cupid who managed to get herself exiled from Heaven after failing at her duties.

But being on earth is actually not a bad thing. If Lilim is one to judge. She likes it there, and besides, she won’t even have to work! What else can you want?

She makes a mistake however, when she tries to obtain a free cup of coffee. A waitress named Mitsuki falls head over heels in love with Lilim, after she gets hit by one of her love bullets.

The story gets more complicated, when Serra -Lilim’s childhood- friend comes down to earth in a quest to bring her back to Heaven.

Sakura Cupid unsencored download edition

Sakura Cupid is available in an uncensored edition for download from Nutaku. But if you prefer an all-ages version, there’s one available on Steam here.

Sample CGs