Sakura Gamer

Description & Story

Sakura Gamer is a vuri-themed visual novel by Winged Cloud, focused on main heroine Nekohime. She always used to dream of becoming a game designer. But what she is doing now, is in fact not even close to being one. As Nekohime’s daytime job as a computer repair technician is not exactly what she had in mind.

Things take a turn however, when Nekohime’s roommate and best friend Clover informs her that she may have found them a tenant for the spare room they still have. Nekohime is slightly hesitant at first, but when the new girl -Suki- actually appears, she accepts her as a tenant.

Shortly after that, Suki decides to take the lead in making Nekohime’s childhood dream of making a game come true. Three girls making a game together, what kind of challenges and adventures will they face?

Sakura Gamer uncensored adult download edition

The adult uncensored version of Sakura Gamer is available for download over at Nutaku. Or if you prefer an all-ages version of this story, you can head over to Steam.

Sample CG

Sakura Gamer 2

In 2019 Winged Cloud released a sequel to Sakura Gamer, called Sakura Gamer 2.