Sakura MMO

Description & Story

Sakura MMO is a yuri (girl x girl love) visual novel by developer Winged Cloud. In this game you take on the role of Kotone, or well, maybe we should call her “Viola”. As that’s the name of the character she plays online. Known as a fearsome black witch, her character is very much capable of handling herself. In fact, her character is so strong that Kotone is getting bored with Asaph Online. There’s nothing left to buy and she even has her own castle.

But then something changes. After she went to sleep Kotone later wakes up not in her own bed. But in Viola’s bed!? Kotone has somehow been transported into the world of Asaph Online.

What’s going on? Can she really live just like Viola would? She decides to go ahead and find out!

Sakura MMO adult uncensored download edition

The adult uncensored version of Sakura MMO is available for download from Nutaku. Or, if you prefer an all-ages version, you can find it on Steam.

Sakura MMO 2

A sequel to Sakura MMO is also in the works. Sakura MMO 2‘s release is expected in early 2019.

Sample CGs