Sora no Tsukurikata -Under the Same Sky, Over the Rainbow-

Description & Story

Sora no Tsukurikata will follow the story of Ryou, a young man who lost his goals in life as well as his self-confidence. He resides in a town famous for its endless fog through that always hides the sky. Over the years he lost more and more chips of his value as a human being, causing him to now live a vacant life. A “detective agency” sign still hangs outside but in fact the only jobs that are brought to him are requests to find runaway pets or things like repairing leaking rooftops. Basically, the same tasks that a “handyman” would receive.

His hollow life starts getting color however once he meets a certain girl. She has just come to town and tells him that she is a apprentice magician and now wants to earn her stripes. Together with her, Ryou takes a step forward to regain his lost self, soon followed by another one… Our story will now begin–


OP / Demo movie